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536Japanese Stiltgrass Dominance as a Reflection of Flooding in Headwater Wetlands
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Ecological SectionShappell, Laura; Struwe, Lena; Ehrenfeld, Joan.ecohydrology
invasive species
biological invasion
Climate Change
life cycle
1348Jean Lafitte National Park, The Barataria Preserve
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Conference WideWhitbeck, Julie.
611Just some plain old Regulaviburnum: phylogenetic classification and character evolution based on a chloroplast genome phylogeny of Viburnum (Adoxaceae)
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Systematics Section/ASPTClement, Wendy; Arakaki, Monica; Sweeney, Patrick; Edwards, Erika; Donoghue, Michael.Viburnum
chloroplast genome
phylogenetic classification

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