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Investigation of the Efficacy of Five Plant Extracts and Volatile Oil on the Control of Anopheles Gambiae Mosquito Larvae.

The efficacy of both the ethanolic, aqueous extracts and volatile oil of Ocimum gratisimum, Ocimum basilicum, Azadiractha indica, Jatropha curcas and Ageratum conyzoides were tested on second and third insta larvae of Anopheles mosquito. The supporting anatomically characteristics of the plants were examined by giving special attention to the cell inclusions and document features used in pharmacognostic crude drug research. The plants were each dried, blended and 100g of the material were extracted with ethanol and water after being soaked in these media for 1 hour, they were filtered and the filterates were freeze dried to get a stock from which different concentrations were prepared. Volatile oil of each of the five plants was extracted with the aid of the rotary evaporator. For the bioassay, 2ml of distilled water and 8ml of different concentrations (1mg/ml, 0.5mg/ml and 0.1mg/ml) of each extract was introduced into three exposure containers (replicate). A percentage mortality test was conducted in which the extracts and volatile oil of all five plants gave significant results. The results showed that there was significant difference between the groups (of all the plants). It could be conceived from this project that some phytochemicals act as general toxicants against larval stage of mosquito. It is therefore recommended that the use of ethanolic extracts and the volatile oil of Ocimum basillicum, and Azardirachta indica, which gave higher percentage mortality will make the best control of mosquito larvae (Anopheles Mosquitoes).

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seed plants.

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