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Sinn, Brandon [1], Freudenstein, John [2].

An updated phylogeny of Asarum s.l. (Aristolochiaceae): Evidence from nuclear and plastid DNA.

Asarum (Aristolochiaceae) is comprised of approximately 85 species worldwide. Flower shape, ornamentation, and reproductive traits such as presence of herkogamy vary greatly across the genus. This work represents the first synthesis of chloroplast and nuclear markers to further resolve relationships within Asarum sensu lato. An earlier rDNA dataset has been augmented and 6 chloroplast regions have been incorporated. Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood, and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses were conducted in TNT, RAxML, and BEAST, respectively. While some incongruence is evident across datasets, the derivation of a herkogamous condition, as well as loss of autonomous self-pollination mechanisms is recovered with strong support as derived within Asarum. Geotaenium is recovered as sister to the Asarum sensu stricto clade. The monophyly of North American members of Asarum subgenus Heterotropa (Hexastylis) is strongly supported. In contrast to recent molecular work, our analysis recovers members of Hexastylis as rooted within subgenus Heterotropa. This relationship provides the first reported morphological synapomorphy for the Hexastylis clade, the loss of a calyx orifice ring. Species level relationships within subgenus Heterotropa remain largely unresolved. Future work will incorporate Next Generation Sequencing, as well as increased sampling of Asian taxa, to further resolve species-level relationships in Asarum and provide insight into the polarity of character transitions such as degree of herkogamy, ovary position, and the derivation of floral character suites of presumed fungal mimicry.

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1 - The Ohio State University, Evolution, Ecology, And Organismal Biology, 1315 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH, 43212, USA
2 - Ohio State University, MUSEUM OF BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, 1315 KINNEAR RD, COLUMBUS, OH, 43212-1157, USA


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Session: 37
Location: Belle-Chasse/Riverside Hilton
Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Time: 9:15 AM
Number: 37004
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