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Kim, Chan-Soo [1], Hyun, Hwa-Ja [2], Kim, kyeonghee [3], Kim, Soo-Young [4], Park, Chong-Wook [3].

Morphological Characteristics and Phylogenetic Relationships in 5 taxa of Korean Mistletoe Type Based on Chloroplast DNA.

To clarify the relationships among 5 taxa of Korean 'mistletoes' type (Viscum coloratum (Komarov) Nakai f. coloratum, Viscum coloratum (Komarov) Nakai f. rubroaurantiacum (Makino) Kitagawa, Korthalsella japonica (Thunb.) Engl., Taxillus yadoriki (Maxim.) Danser and Loranthus tanakae Franch. & Sav.), chloroplast psbA-trnH region was examined within 18 individuals. Sequences of the psbA-trnH region ranged 217-325 bp. Viscum coloratum individuals from Korean peninsula, from Jeju Island and Viscum coloratum f. rubroaurantiacum Kitagawa individuals from Korean peninsula, which are morphologically very similar to each other, shared identical sequences in the psbA-trnH region, suggesting that they are not genetically diverged. Between the individuals from those populations and Viscum coloratum f. rubroaurantiacum from Jeju Island, the sequence divergence rate ("p-distance") was ranged 0.6-1.3%; intra-population's "p-distance" (among Viscum coloratum f. rubroaurantiacum individuals from Jeju Island) was only ranged from 0-0.6%. "p-distance" between Viscum coloratum individuals and Korthalsella japonica individuals ranged 11.5-12.1%. "p-distance" between Viscum coloratum individuals and axillus yadoriki individuals ranged 18.8-19.2%, "p-distance" between Viscum coloratum individuals and Loranthus tanakae individuals ranged 14.2-14.5%. Also, various morphological characteristics of flowers, fruits and seeds were surveyed for description.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Korea Forest Research Institute, Warm-temperste and subtropical forest research center , 22 Donneko-gil, Seogwipo, Jeju, 697-050, Republic of Korea
2 - Korea Forest Research Institute, Warm-temperate and subtropical forest research center, 22 Donneko-gil, Seogwipo, Jeju, 697-050, Republic of Korea
3 - Seoul National University, School of Biological Sciences, Gwanak 599 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 151-747, Republic of Korea
4 - National Institute of Biological Resources, Wildlife Genetic Resources Center, Incheon, 404-708, Republic of Korea

phylogenetic relationship
Chloroplast DNA

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Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
Time: 5:30 PM
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