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Gamba, Diana [1], Almeda, Frank [2].

Systematics of the Octopleura clade of Miconia (Melastomataceae: Miconieae) in Tropical America.

The Octopleura clade of Miconia is a natural group of Neotropical subshrubs and small trees comprising some thirty-three species. It ranges from southwestern Mexico southward through Andean South America, with one species reaching Jamaica and Hispaniola in the Caribbean. All species occur in humid understory habitats of primary or secondary forests from sea level to 3200 meters. This study represents the first comprehensive monograph of the clade across its entire range based on a study of over 2500 collections from two foreign and five domestic herbaria. All species of the Octopleura clade had previously been described in Ossaea and Clidemia, two traditionally recognized genera of Miconieae but this natural group is nested within the megadiverse genus Miconia. Thirteen new combinations are made (Miconia aguilarii (Kriebel & Almeda) Gamba & Almeda, M. aurantiaca (Almeda & Kriebel) Gamba & Almeda, M. biolleyana (Cogn.) Gamba & Almeda, M. boekei (Wurdack) Gamba & Almeda, M. chocoensis (Wurdack) Gamba & Almeda, M. evanescens (Almeda) Gamba & Almeda, M. incerta (Wurdack) Gamba & Almeda, M. laxivenula (Wurdack) Gamba & Almeda, M. palenquensis (Wurdack) Gamba & Almeda, M. quinquenervia (Mill.) Gamba & Almeda, M. radicans (Cogn.) Gamba & Almeda, M. reitziana (Cogn. & Gleason ex Gleason) Gamba & Almeda, and M. rufibarbis (Triana) Gamba & Almeda). Thirteen new names are presented for epithets preempted in Miconia (M. albertobrenesii Gamba & Almeda, M. alboglandulosa Gamba & Almeda, M. approximata Gamba & Almeda, M. atropurpurea Gamba & Almeda, M. bensparrei Gamba & Almeda, M. bractiflora Gamba & Almeda, M. erikasplundii Gamba & Almeda, M. magnifolia Gamba & Almeda, M. neocoronata Gamba & Almeda, M. quadridomia Gamba & Almeda, M. sessilis Gamba & Almeda, M. spiciformis Gamba & Almeda, and M. variabilis Gamba & Almeda). Six new species are proposed (M. alatissima Gamba & Almeda, M. anchicayensis Gamba & Almeda, M. formicaria Gamba & Almeda, M. latidecurrens Gamba & Almeda, M. renatoi Gamba & Almeda, and M. veraguensis Gamba & Almeda). A taxonomic key, detailed descriptions, distribution maps, and phenological and ecological information are presented for all taxa, along with an SEM image-survey of seed morphology. Photographs and diagnostic illustrations are included for several species. A molecular phylogenetic analysis based on four genic loci are presented as well. Molecular and morphological data are used to develop a better understanding of the constituent species of the clade and their evolutionary relationships.

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1 - California Academy of Sciences, Department of Botany, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 94118, USA
2 - California Academy of Sciences, Department of Botany, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 94118, USA

Octopleura clade
tropical America.

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