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Ranarivelo, Heritiana [1].

Variation of morphological characters within the Vismieae (Hypericaceae), emphasis on the Afro-Malagasy genus Psorospermum.

Psorospermum is an Afro-Malagasy genus of about 60 species in Hypericaceae that is morphologically similar to the African and American Vismia (~ 50 species) and the African Harungana (1 species, Harungana madagascariensis). Psorospermum has been divided into three subgenera, two from mainland Africa (Afropsorospermum and Parapsorospermum), and one from Madagascar (Psorospermum), based both on the symmetry of the cotyledons (symmetrical for the Malagasy group and asymmetrical or enrolled for the African group) and the number of anthers per phalange (2-α for the Malagasy group and 5-α for Afropsorospermum and 5-6 for Parapsorospermum). Early studies suggested that the color of the cotyledons and the gland dots on the cotyledons could help in separating Psorospermum, with brown and punctate embryos, from Vismia and Harungana, with green and non-punctate embryos, however embryos from Malagasy species were not observed. Here I include samples of Malagasy Psorospermum, African and American Vismia and the African Harungana and (1) describe the striking variation of embryo, seed coat, inflorescence and leaf anatomy in the three genera, and (2) use this variation to test the current classification.

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1 - University of Missouri St. Louis, One University Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63121-4400, USA


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