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Tong, Jingjing [1], Pender, Richard [2], Morden, Clifford [3], Howarth, Dianella [4].

Phylogeny of Hawaiian Lobeliads based on intron sequences of DIVARICATA -like genes.

Hawaiian lobeliads encompass the largest endemic family of Hawaiian angiosperms, and they have long been viewed as one of the most spectacular examples of the adaptive radiation in plants. Hawaiian lobeliads contain 6-8 genera, and over 100 species. Based on previous research, the group diversified from a common ancestor approximately 1.3 million years ago. The different species of Hawaiian lobeliads are highly conserved in genomic structure, and due to minimal genetic variation it is difficult to determine their phylogenetic relationships. The flowers of Hawaiian lobeliads are strongly bilaterally symmetric with an adaxial corolla slit. We aim to use variation from a floral symmetry candidate gene, DIVARICATA (DIV), to uncover the phylogenetic relationships of the group. Previous data indicate that the exon sequences are highly conserved in Hawaiian lobeliads, and the intron sequences have relatively high variation, which can work as a parameter of phylogenetic research. At present, we generated phylogenetic trees for a few species from two genera of Hawaiian lobeliads based on intron sequences of DIV-like genes, and indicate that the relationship between different species and genera are not just as simple as the relationship shows in taxonomy. The aim of our research is to use DIV-like genes to begin to determine the evolutionary history of Hawaiian lobeliads.

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1 - St. John's University, 8000 Utopia Pkwy, Jamaica, NY, 11439, USA
2 - University of Hawaii, Botany, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI, 96822, USA
3 - University of Hawaii, Department of Botany, 3190 Maile Way, HONOLULU, HI, 96822-2279, USA
4 - St. John's University, Department of Biological Sciences, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY, 11439, USA

Adaptive Radiation.

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Location: Grand Salon A - D/Riverside Hilton
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PSY052
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