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Pell, Susan [1], Mitchell, John [2], Singer, Hannah [3].

Phylogeny and Two New Taxa of Euroschinus, a Pacific Anacardiaceae Lineage.

Euroschinus (Anacardiaceae) includes 10 species on the islands of New Guinea, Australia, and New Caledonia. The genus provides a compelling model for studying diversification of island taxa and in particular origins of the unique flora of New Caledonia, where it has radiated, possibly in response to the diverse geology of this relatively small island. Species of Euroschinus can be easily distinguished from the rest of the cashew family by their pinnately compound leaves having an extremely reduced terminal leaflet. The genus has never been taxonomically treated in its entirety, although it has been included in several regional floras. In preparing a monograph of Euroschinus, the authors have identified two new taxa from Papua New Guinea: a new species and a new variety of E. papuana. The new species will be named in honor of our recently deceased colleague and friend, Timothy J. Motley, an expert in the Pacific flora. Complete sampling of all 10 species and 6 varieties has been achieved for two nuclear markers (ETS and ITS) and two chloroplast markers (rps16 and trnLF). The resulting phylogeny will be presented along with botanical illustrations and a key to identification of the new taxa. Preliminary phylogenetic results suggest that E. papuana is sister to the rest of the genus, and that two Neotropical lineages (Lithrea and Mauria) are most closely related to Euroschinus.

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1 - Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11225, USA
2 - The New York Botanical Garden, Institute of Systematic Botany, 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY, 10458, United States
3 - Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11225, United States

New Caledonia
New Guinea

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Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
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