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Botany 2013 Symposia and Colloquia

Monday, July 29

Symposium: Public Participation in Scientific Research: Emerging Resources for Botany
Organizers: Austin Mast, Sarah Newman
Symposium: Herbarium Digitization for Research, Teaching, and the Public
Organizer: Eric Ribbens
A Colloquium Honoring Leslie D. Gottlieb
Organizer: Pam Soltis


Symposium: Yes, Bobby, evolution is real
Organizers: Marshall Sundberg, Joseph Armstrong
Symposium: The evolutionary causes and consequences of dioecy across the land plants
Organizers: Stuart McDaniel, Andrea Case
Colloquium: Xylem apoplast-symplast interactions
Organizers: Uwe G Hacke, Anna Jacobsen
Colloquium: Bioinformatic and Biometric Methods in Plant Morphology
Organizers: Surangi Punyasena, Selena Smith

Tuesday, July 30

Symposium: Broadening Participation - Recruiting and Retaining Outstanding
Scientists in the Botanical Sciences
Organizers: Anna Monfils, Ann Sakai
Symposium: Speaking of Food: connecting basic and applied science
Organizers: Allison Miller, Elizabeth Kellogg
Colloquium: Frontiers in fern gametophyte research
Organizers: James E. Watkins, Joshua Der
Colloquium: The Critical Role of Plant Fossils in Divergence Dating Studies
Organizers: Elizabeth Hermsen, Maria Gandolfo


Symposium: Diversity and Development in the Vitaceae - More than Wine Grapes
Organizers: Jean Mary Gerrath, Jun Wen, Stefanie Ickert-Bond
Symposium: The North American Coastal Plain: a Global Biodiversity Hotspot
Organizer: William Platt
Colloquium: Speaking of Food: connecting basic and applied science
Organizers: Allison Miller, Elizabeth Kellogg
Colloquium: Themes of land plant evolution, a celebration of the contributions of Leo J. Hickey
Organizers: David Winship Taylor, Walton Green

Wednesday, July 31

Symposium: The Devonian Period: a time of major plant diversification: a symposium in honor of Patricia G. Gensel and her contributions to Devonian paleobotany.
Organizers: Wilson Taylor, Kathleen Pigg
Symposium: Species tree reconstruction in polyploid complexes
Organizers: Christoph Oberprieler, Bengt Oxelman
Colloquium: Organisms as Ecosystems: Exploring the Microbiome of Plants
Organizer: Klara Schamagl


BSA Past Presidents’ Symposium: Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future
Organizers: Stephen Weller, Judith Skog, Kent Holsinger
Symposium: Greater Caribbean Biodiversity and its Eco-physiology:
Sustainability or degradation in next 50 years?
Organizers: Anitra Thorhaug, Dennis Stevenson
Colloquium: Polyploidy, microevolution and species level systematics
Organizer: Karol Marhold

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